About Us


The International Artist Initiative connects and encourages performers, students, teachers, and communities through the arts by providing meaningful artistic opportunities while looking to the person of Jesus Christ as our example for loving, enriching, and celebrating the diverse cultures of our world.

Performance & Education

The International Artist Initiative organizes tours for excellent musicians to perform, teach, and share music in countries around the world.

Contact us if you would like to be considered as a performer and/or teacher for a future trip with TIAI.


Why We Do What We Do

          The fact that there are so many varied and unique cultures around our world is evidence of the innate human desire to create. The International Artist Initiative responds to this reality from a Christian worldview and from the belief that our desire to create and our yearnings for perfection and beauty are rooted in our being made in the image of God. 

          If there is one thing we have learned as musicians it is that music is much more than a performance that happens on a stage. It is much more than something to analyze and discuss intellectually. It is also much more than something to research and write about. Indeed, it is all of these things. But, at a fundamental level, music is a gift from God – a gift that must be shared. As artists we believe we have a responsibility to share this gift with the world while pointing to the beauty we see in our Creator. 


The International Artist Initiative is currently partnering with Hope4Burundi, a non-profit organization committed to meeting the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of “The Heart of Africa” while working with widows, orphans and rebuilders of the country. TIAI is thankful for this partnership and is eager to continue to connect with other like-minded organizations.